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Reference and Research Library Resources Systems (3Rs)


Reference and Research Library Resources Systems (3Rs) provide a wide range of direct support services to over 19 million people statewide. Reference and Research Library Resources Systems serve over 1,000 academic, business, hospital, law, and other special libraries. 3Rs Systems also serve the 23 Public Library Systems and 40 School Library Systems. They provide statewide delivery service to libraries through Empire Library Delivery (ELD), distribute grants to all types of libraries, and negotiate licenses and access to electronic information including databases and eBooks. 3Rs Systems provide professional development and training opportunities for library staff and collaborate on regional and statewide projects.

Funding and Aid Guidelines

Review guidelines for the Hospital Library Services and Medical Information Services aid programs and find general State Aid information, including details on funding allocations and applications.

Director Appointment Procedures

3Rs Systems must obtain State Education Department approval from the New York State Library before the system’s Board of Trustees formally appoints a candidate to the Reference and Research Library Resources System director position.

System Plans of Service

The system Plan of Service is a planning document which identifies, organizes, and provides an overview of the library system’s service program including intended changes in services or priorities.

3Rs Systems in NYS

View a list and corresponding statewide map of all 3Rs Systems in New York State and contact your DLD system liaison.

Last Updated: May 7, 2024