New York State Library

Managing Your Application

The information in this section is intended for use after a project has been approved by DASNY.

Project Amendments

Some situations will require an Amendment to Scope form:

  • Any element of the original project is changing
  • Project came in under budget and additional funds must be spent on another eligible activity, such as LED lighting or a generator
  • Bids came in higher than expected and the library cannot complete all elements of the project
  • Project timetable has changed and the library cannot complete the approved project

The Amendment form must include revised bid documents, as well as photos of what is changing or what will now be included. Approval from NYSL is required before work can begin or continue. Please contact DLD to request the amendment form.

Project Records Retention and Audit Information

Every approved applicant is required by State Law to keep all documentation related to a State Aid for Library Construction project in the event of an audit. This includes copies of all financial documents including, but not limited to, contracts, change orders, purchase orders, invoices and checks. Libraries must keep all project documentation for at least six years after the project is closed and the final report is approved by the State Library.

The State Library does not require libraries to upload all invoices and other documents related to specific project expenditures to the online portal. However, all State-funded programs, including State Aid for Library Construction, are subject to detailed audit by the State Education Department and/or the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC). If a project is audited by OSC, the library or library system will be required to submit to the State Library within 72 hours copies of all invoices and possibly other project documentation. Check with your local municipality or county for their records retention policy as well.

Last Updated: May 30, 2023