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NYS Public Librarian Certification


The public librarian certificate requires a graduate library degree from a library school. The full requirements are defined by the Commissioner of Education in Commissioner's Regulation §90.7, and the requirements for the employment of library personnel working in public, free association, and Indian Libraries are defined in Commissioner's Regulation §90.8 (Selected Regulations of the Commissioner of Education).

The American Library Association (ALA) maintains an Education & Careers resource that may be helpful for early-career librarians. It includes a database of ALA-Accredited Library and Information Studies programs.

Continuing Education for Certified Public Librarians

Find information about continuing education requirements, suggested training topics and providers, and tips for maintaining your Public Librarian Certification.

Managing Your Certificate

Applications for public librarian certification must be submitted online. Checks and official transcripts with degree conferral should be sent to the address below. Checks for $5 should be made out to the New York State Education Department.

Public Librarian Certification
The State Education Department
Division of Library Development
Cultural Education Center, Room 10B41
Albany, NY 12230

Please review the options below for obtaining, renewing, and reviewing your public librarian certification.

Apply for a Certificate

This option is only for users who do not have an account. To get started, please complete the following:

  1. Register for a ID. It is recommended that you use an email address that is not likely to change, such as a personal email, rather than a work email.
  2. After registering, log in as a returning user to access the Public Librarian Certification online portal and apply for a certificate.

Connect an account to your certificate record

If you received your certificate before January 31, 2015 or you already have an account, please complete the following:

  1. If you have already created an account, log in as a returning user and select “Find My Certificate.”
  2. If your certificate is not found or you no longer have a record of your certificate number, you will find a Help box on the Certificate Verification screen which will allow you to request your certificate number. If you are not sure if you have a certificate, please check the certified public librarians search or contact us via email before applying.

Renew a certificate:

  1. Log in as a returning user with your ID.
  2. Click on the Renew button next to your Professional Certificate and follow the screen instructions to renew your certificate.

Please note that you cannot renew a certificate if it is less than a year old.

Review your account and certificates

Use this option to update your contact information, print your certificate, and more. To get started, please complete the following:

  1. Log in as a returning user with your ID.
  2. All current and past certificates will be listed with certificate number, type, status, effective date, issue date, and request date.
  3. Click on Edit User to edit your contact information, or click Print next to your certificate to view, print or save the certificate.
Last Updated: January 18, 2024