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Love Your Library Special Revenue Fund

Love Your Library Special Revenue Fund Supports 2022 Summer Reading Programs

Program Overview

The 2022/2023 State Budget provided the New York State Library with a one-time appropriation of $150,000 in special revenue funds from the Love Your Library Fund in support of Summer Reading.

The $150,000 will be allocated by formula to New York’s 23 public library systems under the provisions of Education Law 273(9) State Aid for Summer Reading Programs.

This one-time State FY 2022/2023 Love Your Library Fund appropriation is intended to support Summer Reading Program activities during 2022. Public library systems will report on program expenditures, activities, and accomplishments on the 2022 Annual Report for Public Library Systems.

Allocation Chart 2022

Guidelines for Love Your Library Summer Reading Program Expenditures and Other Requirements

The Love Your Library State formula funds allocated under Education Law 273(9) are intended to strengthen and support public library system and member library programs and services for the Summer Reading Program.

All expenditures of these funds by the public library system must be in support of Summer Reading. The following general guidelines apply to such expenditures. Please send any questions about these guidelines and/or eligibility of proposed system expenditures to:

Funds May be Used For:

  • Purchased services in support of Summer Reading (e.g. contracts for Summer Reading program services such as planning, outreach, promotion, presenters, performers, trainers and training for member library staff, stipends to member library staff for training, partnership projects, creation of publications, evaluators).
  • Supplies and/or materials in support of Summer Reading (e.g. print, audio and e-resource library materials for ages birth to 21), program-related supplies, equipment or computers or devices costing less than $5,000, software).
  • Grants to member libraries in support of Summer Reading programs and activities.
  • Travel in support of Summer Reading (for system staff only).
  • Other purposes directly related to Summer Reading (please email for confirmation that the expense is approvable).

Funds May Not be Used For:

  • Personnel costs (salaries and/or benefits for system staff or library staff)
  • Equipment costing $5,000 or more per item.
  • Building modification, construction, renovation, repair or maintenance
  • Refreshments, giveaways, prizes, awards
  • Regional, state, or national conference or workshop expenses (registration or related costs for system staff or library staff attendance) unless the sole focus of the event is related to Summer Reading.
  • License, contract for or purchase of a Summer Reader e-program/product or software. The State Library already provides this product (in the form of READsquared and the READsquared APP) that is freely available at no cost to all New York State public library systems and their member libraries. Similar products include Beanstack, Litkeeper, Reader Zone, etc.
  • Administrative or overhead costs for the system or member libraries.

Other Requirements

Eligibility for Payment

To receive a payment of these one-time Summer Reading formula funds a public library system must have:

  • An approved 2022-2026 Five-Year Plan of Service
  • Submitted the 2021 Annual Report for Public Library Systems
  • An approved FS-10 form (as provided by the State Library)


Public library systems will report on the receipt and expenditure of these State special revenue funds on the 2022 Annual Report for Public Library Systems. In addition to reporting on specific expenditures in the categories of purchased services, supplies and materials, travel and grants to member libraries, each system will also provide a brief narrative about how the funds were used and the resulting impact(s) of these one-time State FY 2022/2023 special revenue funds on Summer Reading programs and services.

Tentative Timeline

  • April 8, 2022: State Budget passes
  • June 2022: State Library shares program materials and sends FS-10 forms to PLS Directors
  • July/August 2022: Payments begin
  • March 2023: 2022 PLS Annual Reports Due

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Last Updated: June 16, 2022