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Allocations, Projects, and Program Data

Funding Allocations

Access State Aid for Library Construction allocations to the Public Library Systems by fiscal year:

Previously Funded Projects

Program Data and Reports

At the close of each construction cycle, the NYS Library provides a report to the NYS legislature regarding all funded projects.

The NYS Library also maintains data pertaining to estimated NYS public library construction needs:

Formula Aid Breakdown

Sixty percent of fund allocation is based on population served, and the proportion of this amount by each system for its member libraries is no greater than the ratio of the population served by the system to the population of the state as a whole. Forty percent of funds are divided equally among the 23 public library systems.

If a library system is unable to use all of its formula allocation, the State Library will reallocate the unused portion of the system’s funds to other construction projects in other library systems.

State Aid and Grants in NYS

Find detailed information on looking up payments, view previous aid allocations, and browse all NYS Library aid programs.

Last Updated: May 9, 2024