School Library Systems Cooperative Collection Development Plan

Education Laws and Regulations require the development of a Cooperative Collection Development (CCD) Plan

  • Education Law 283: Functions of school library systems
    • (b) "developing a plan which will aid each participating school library in cooperative collection development"
  • Commissioner Regulations 90.18 School library systems
    • (c) Plan of Service – (1) (ix) "the plan for cooperative collection development implementation."
    • (e) Functions of the system coordinator - (3) “development and implementation of a cooperative collection development plan.”


  • The School Library System (SLS) Cooperative Collection Development Plan is developed as part of the resource sharing component of the plan of service.
  • The plan is an integral approach to maximizing resources for all participating libraries.
  • A CCD Plan allows for leveraging funding, staffing, and space in order to expand accessibility to specialized resources for all participating school libraries.
  • The CCD Plan is developed for materials that fall outside of the core curriculum collection maintained by each school library.
  • School Districts and nonpublic schools may opt to participate in the plan.

Creating the CCD Plan

  • Form a CCD Plan Committee to assist the SLS Coordinator
  • Select members from council membership, communication coordinators and general membership
  • For support in creating the original plan:

Components of the CCD Plan

  • Goal
    • to assist participating libraries in serving the resource sharing needs of the system
    • to identify subject specializations for resource sharing
  • Responsibilities of each participating school library and the school library system in developing and maintaining a cooperative collection, which may include subject specialization, resource sharing and interlibrary loan, mutual notification, cost of materials
  • Outcomes that measure the effectiveness of the plan

 Periodically Review and Recommend Changes

  • Review collection needs of school libraries within system
  • Evaluate each school library’s participation in the plan
  • Evaluate the value of the plan to the system and individual school libraries
  • Respond to changing information and emerging technologies
  • Incorporate CCD Plan goals and activities into the 5 year Plan of Service

The Cooperative Service Plan (Co-ser) Associated with the CCD Plan

  • BOCES-based SLS may offer a co-ser for purchase by member districts to cover the purchase of materials included in the CCD Plan.
  • If a SLS has or develops a co-ser to include CCD materials, the co-ser must be consistent with the approved SLS Cooperative Collection Development Plan.

Suggested Components

Plan A

  1. Statement of Purpose/Definition
  2. Scope (define participants)
  3. Goals
  4. School Library System Responsibilities
  5. Participating School Responsibilities
  6. Implementation
  7. Periodic Evaluation

Plan B

  1. Goal
  2. Outcomes
  3. School Library System Responsibilities
  4. Participating School Responsibilities
  5. Chart to rate school library responsibilities
  6. Periodic Evaluation

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Last Updated: March 22, 2023