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section from the 'Chronological Chart of Ancient, Modern and Biblical History,' one of the items on display

Exhibit: Ancient Egypt

September 2015

The New York State Library's public floor exhibit for September features uncommon works on ancient Egypt.


left display case

To place this civilization in perspective, the display starts off with the relevant sections of A Chronological Chart of Ancient, Modern and Biblical History, from 1876. Its highly colorful and fantastically busy chromolithographic plates are backed on linen and fold out to a length of about twenty-one feet (not recommended for commuter reading).


center display case

Other early, large-format works capture the majesty of Egyptian art and architecture and the full scope of vast tomb complexes.


right display case

Rounding out the lot in Late Dynasty fashion are more modern, popular works.

Kingdoms crumble…physical books survive to tell their stories.

There will be a "turning of the pages" for fresh looks every Monday morning during the exhibit.


Books on display:

Exhibit curated by Shawn Purcell

Last Updated: November 2, 2021