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Records, 1946-2011


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Historical Note:

In December 1944 librarians from nine counties in New York State decided to form the Hudson-Mohawk Library Association (HMLA), a regional library association, to address what its founders felt was the lack of unifying information in the field of library studies. The founding members included Esther Stallman of the New York State College of Teachers Library School (now part of the University at Albany), L. Marion Moshier of New York State Library Development, Elizabeth Cobb of New York State College of Teachers Library, and Bernice Hodges of Schenectady Public Library. 

Mrs. Eulin K. Hobbie of Skidmore College and Miss Stallman, were elected president and vice president, respectively, in March 1945.  The first permanent constitution was adopted in 1946.

The association did not see a significant growth in membership until the 1960s, when membership grew from 79 to 200.  During this time, the scope of topics discussed at meetings ranged from the history of book printing to censorship of minority issues in library materials.  

The 1980s proved to be a decade of transition due to the growing emphasis on technology as an alternative to more traditional information-accessing methods. In 1986 the association marked the fortieth anniversary of its constitution with publication of HMLA’s history. 

In the mid-1980s, the days before keyword searching on computers was available, HMLA members began indexing articles published in the Albany Times Union and eventually published hardcopy indexes for 1982 through 2006.

Scope and Content Note:

The archives of the Hudson-Mohawk Library Association document the activities and functions of the organization from 1946 to 2011.  The bulk of the content found in the archives is administrative records, mostly minutes from monthly/yearly meetings, correspondence, newspaper clippings, financial records and membership directories.  Also included are dinner-meeting brochures and handouts, photographs, information on special projects, and floppy disks and compact discs containing administrative records.     

Series Description and Container Lists:

Series 1: Hudson-Mohawk Constitution, 1946-2008
Series 2: History, 1986-1994
Series 3: Board Meeting Minutes, 1960- 2010
Series 4: Dinner Meeting Programs, 1960- 2011
Series 5: Correspondence, 1961-2010
Series 6: Financial, 1963-2003
Series 7: Membership, 1960-2006
Series 8: Newsletter, 1963-2007
Series 9: News Clippings, 1961-2003
Series 10: Special Projects, 1987-1996
Series 11: Miscellaneous, ca. 1957-2004

Series 1: Hudson Mohawk Library Association Constitution, 1946-2008

This series contains copies of the Hudson-Mohawk Library Association constitution and by-laws as originally written in 1946 and the periodic revisions and amendments made through 2008.  The constitution includes the purpose of the association, membership guidelines, rulings concerned with the various appointments in the association, how those appointments should be made, the duties expected to be performed by the elected officers, and other functional information regarding the association.

Box Folder Description
1 1                                                                                                               Constitution and bylaws  1946, 1980
1 2 Constitution and bylaws, 1993, 1994, 2001, 2008

Series 2:  History, 1986-1994

The records in this series consist chiefly of booklets detailing the association’s history relative to the 1986 celebration of the constitution’s fortieth year.  There is also a 1986 State of New York Legislative Resolution recognizing the association for this achievement.  The original booklet was expanded upon for the celebration of the association’s fiftieth anniversary, with an accompanying 5.5 in. floppy disk (Box 5).  Photographs from the fiftieth anniversary party are available in the folder, as well.        

Box Folder Description
1 3 History, 1986, 1994
  1. A Brief History, 1986
  2. State Legislative Resolution, 1986
  3. A Brief History, 1994
  4. Photographs of 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1994.

Series 3:  Board Meeting Minutes, 1960-2010

This series contains extensive documentation of what occurred at each association meeting between the years 1960 and 2010.  Minutes generally contained information regarding the time and place of the meeting, a review of the previous meeting, lists of relevant board members, treasury reports, and any new business that required attention.  In most cases, there were also plans for future dinner meetings.  Accompanying agendas are also frequently available.  Most of the meeting minutes are typed versions of original handwritten notes, which are mostly not included.    

Box Folder Description
1 4 Minutes, 1960-1962
1 5 Minutes, 1963-1965
1 6 Minutes, 1966-1968
1 7 Minutes, 1969-1971
1 8 Minutes, 1972-1974
1 9 Minutes, 1975-1977
1 10 Minutes, 1978-1980
1 11 Minutes, 1981-1983
1 12 Minutes, 1984-1986
1 13 Minutes, 1987-1988
1 14 Minutes, 1989
1 15 Minutes, 1990
1 16 Minutes, 1991
1 17 Minutes, 1992
1 18 Minutes, 1993
1 19 Minutes, 1994
1 20 Minutes, 1995
2 1 Minutes, 1996 (1 of 2)
2 2 Minutes, 1996 (2 of 2)
2 3 Minutes, 1997 (1 of 2)
2 4 Minutes, 1997 (2 of 2)
2 5 Minutes, 1998
2 6 Minutes, 1999
2 7 Minutes, 2000
2 8 Minutes, 2001-2002
2 9 Minutes, 2003-2006
2 10 Minutes, 2007-2010

Series 4: Dinner Meeting Programs, 1960-2011

The Hudson-Mohawk Library Association hosted seasonal lunch/dinner meetings from 1960 to 2011.  Based on the information given, lunch meetings only occurred during the 1960s.  All special meetings since 1970 hosted by the association were dinner meetings.  The contents found in these files are flyers for upcoming meetings, menus, and projected attendance lists.  Some of the files contain background information on the guest speakers, either in the form of a biography or a brief introduction to the topic of discussion.    

Box Folder Description
2 11 Programs, 1960-1986
2 12 Programs, 1987-1992
2 13 Programs, 1993-1995
2 14 Programs, 1996-1997   
2 15 Programs, 1998-1999
2 16 Programs, 2000-2002
2 17 Programs, 2003-2011

Series 5: Correspondence, 1961-2010

This series contains general correspondence between board members and future board members;  thank-you notes from the HMLA president and board members, as well as from HMLA board members and guest speakers; notification of  Distinguished Service Award recipients about their nominations; and memoranda and printed emails. 

Box Folder Description
3 1 Correspondence, 1961-1988
3 2 Correspondence, 1989-1991
3 3 Correspondence, 1992-1994
3 4 Correspondence, 1995-1997
3 5 Correspondence, 1998-2010

Series 6: Financial, 1963-2003; bulk 1988-1990

This series contains extensive documentation on the budgeting practices of the Hudson-Mohawk Library Association, both on a monthly and yearly basis.  End-of-year treasury reports make up the bulk of the documentation.  Additionally, there are documents that pertain to the association’s tax-exempt status.  These documents in particular consist of correspondence between HMLA president James Mancuso and Ronald Lyczko, an associate with the Sales Tax-Exempt Organizations Unit.  There are also applications for tax-exempt status filled out by Mancuso.  Due to the nature of the subject, this correspondence has been placed in the financial folder so as to provide a deeper understanding of the tax-exempt process. 

Box Folder Description
3 6 Financial, 1963-1990
3 7 Financial, 1991-1993
3 8 Financial, 1994
3 9 Financial, 1995
3 10 Financial, 1996
3 11 Financial, 1997-1998
3 12 Financial, 1999-2001
3 13 Financial, 2002-2003

Series 7: Membership, 1960-2006

Much of the information contained in this series is in the form of membership directories.  Other relevant membership information that is available is in the membership renewal forms, which contain information detailing the person of contact for prospective members and the yearly fee.  There are also a 5.5 in. floppy and 3.25 in. floppy disks.  These contain HMLA files pertaining to membership; these are found in Box five.  There were no files available for 1997-1998. 

Box Folder Description
3 14 Membership, 1960-1980
3 15 Membership, 1981-1990
3 16 Membership, 1991-1996
3 17 Membership, 1999
3 18 Membership, 2000-2006

Series 8: Newsletter, 1963-2007; bulk 1993-2001

The Hudson-Mohawk Library Association published a newsletter titled Happenings, which consists of articles informing the reader of the organization’s accomplishments throughout the year. 

Box Folder Description
3 19 Newsletter, 1963-1994
3 20 Newsletter, 1995-1996
4 1 Newsletter, 1997-1998
4 2 Newsletter, 1999-2007

Series 9: Newspaper clippings, 1961-2003; bulk 1990-1998

The majority of news clippings in this series were published between 1990 and 1998.  In addition to the news clippings, there are also articles related to library systems in a more general sense.  Most of the newspaper clippings are originals.  However, there are photocopied newspaper clippings without their originals.  Many of the photocopied articles are without dates. 

Box Folder Description
4 3 Newspaper clippings, 1961-1994
4 4 Newspaper clippings, 1995-2003
4 5 Articles, ca. 1990-1997

Series 10: Special Projects, 1987-1996

This series contains information related to the Albany Times Union index project and includes  correspondence between board members and volunteers regarding the preliminary groundwork;  brochures encouraging subscribers; initial publications; the 1994 research project written by Joanna Taliano ; correspondence between James Mancuso and Joanna Taliano confirming the project; a research proposal; a 5.5” floppy disk containing the project itself (located in Box 5), questionnaires; and the final draft.  Additionally, there is a volume entitled Bibliography on the Albany, NY Area with an accompanying floppy disk located in the inside of the back cover. 

Box Folder Description
4 6 Times Union Index, 1987-1996
4 7 Research project, 1993-1994
4 8 Bibliography on the Albany, NY Area brochure, n.d.
4 Volume Bibliography on the Albany, NY Area (441p.; 27.5cm), n.d.

Series 11: Miscellaneous, 1957-2004 (?)

This series includes HMLA letterhead; information on the Colonie [N.Y.] Community Foundation; a resume of one of the dinner-meeting presenters; a program for “Women of Ireland”; and media.  Floppy disks contain documents related to HMLA brochures and other documents.  There is also a VHS recording of the spring 1993 meeting hosted by Henry Mendelsohn. 

Box Folder Description
4 9 Assorted papers, ca. 1957-2004
5 Loose VHS recording, Spring 1993 Meeting Henry Mendelsohn
5 Loose Floppy disks:
  1. HMLA brochure
  2. HMLA brochure
  3. HMLA documents
  4. HMLA membership files
  5. HMLA officers
  6. HMLA “A Brief History”
  7. HMLA project
5 Loose Compact disc, HMLA Board Meeting Minutes March 2005-May 2011
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