Adirondacks Exhibit

March 2012

Adirondacks poster

This public floor exhibit in March of 2012 featured some choice Adirondack Mountain items from the Manuscripts & Special Collections unit of the New York State Library, as follows.

  • An early 1900s poster titled "The Adirondacks for Complete Vacation Joys," signed D. C. Lithgow.
  • Seneca Ray Stoddard's 1882 edition of his Map of the Adirondack Wilderness, hand colored.
  • The Adirondack Picture Map (circa 1920), produced by E. A. Knight and printed by the Lake George Printing Co.
  • Map of Adirondack Canoe Routes, prepared in 1919 by the Conservation Commission, State of New York, Division of Lands and Forests.
  • Also from the Commission, Map of the Adirondack Mountains and the St. Lawrence Reservation (1927).

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Exhibit curated by Shawn Purcell

Last Updated: December 8, 2014