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How to Return Materials

When you receive books from us, the container has a removable label with your name and address on it. The Library's name and address is on the back of that label, so when you've read the book and are ready to return it to us, just remove the label, flip it over, replace it with the TBBL address showing, and put it in the mail.

Borrowers don't have to pay postage to return the books; you return them through the mail without charge as "Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped."

The digital cartridges are much more expensive than cassettes, and NLS will be reusing them to continue to provide audio magazines. Please do not throw away any NLS magazines (including Talking Book Topics) on digital cartridge as you may have done with your past cassette magazines. You need to return your digital magazines to the producer (NOT the Talking Book and Braille Library).  The producer's address can be found on the flip side of the address card that is inserted in the red magazine mailing container. For more complete information see our Audio Magazines help page.

Timely return of books

The timely return of books is helpful for two important reasons:

  • other borrowers get to read them sooner, and
  • we send you more books in their place.

Each time we receive a book back from you, another book is sent to you if you are on automatic selection. So returning a book promptly, as soon as you've read it, will mean that we can have another book on its way to you quickly, before you run out of reading matter. Contact us to review your subject and author preferences to be sure you have adequate options for our system to choose from when sending books to you.

Call Us First

Call us toll-free at (800) 342-3688 before returning a digital player as defective. We might be able to help you with the problem over the phone and save you the trouble of having to return the player, and being without one until a replacement arrives. If we cannot take care of the problem over the phone, we'll ask you to return the player to the library and we'll send you a replacement right away.

Some of our players have battery problems. We recommend that you recharge your player when it is not in use.  This will preserve the battery life. But if you do have a problem with the battery not charging correctly, call us right away and we will send a replacement.

You may return the player through the mail without charge as "Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped." If you still have the original shipping carton and packing materials please use them, or use any suitable and well-padded box, to return the player. You can also use the container that the replacement digital player comes in.

Option for Local Exchange

Throughout upstate New York, twenty-one Sublending Agencies (mostly public library systems, along with some associations for the blind) help TBBL provide service. These agencies work with TBBL at the local level, promoting the program, forwarding completed applications, and helping library borrowers use the service.

They have a small stock of recorded books for emergency loan, and a supply of digital players so that borrowers can exchange non-working machines locally. Library users obtain their basic service from TBBL in Albany, but these local contact-points serve a number of valuable needs.

Last Updated: January 11, 2021