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Selected Civil War Resources

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Atlases and Maps

Bosse, David C. Civil War Newspaper Maps: A Cartobibliography of the Northern Daily Press. R,016.9737022,B745,94-43964

____. Civil War Newspaper Maps: A Historical Atlas. C,973.70223,qB745,94-33050

I Will Try to Send You All the Particulars of the Fight: Maps and Letters from New York State's Civil War Newspapers, 1861-1863. R,973.7447,qI11,94-79406

Martis, Kenneth C. The Historical Atlas of the Congresses of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865. R,973.70223,fM386,94-76580

McElfresh, Earl B. Maps and Mapmakers of the Civil War. CQ,973.70223,qM141,99-16279

O'Reilly, Noel S. Civil War Maps: A Graphic Index to the Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. R,911.73,qO66,90-21246

Symonds, Craig L. A Battlefield Atlas of the Civil War. 2d ed. R,973.7,S988,86-25464

United States. Military Academy, West Point. Dept. of Military Art and Engineering. West Point Atlas of the Civil War. RT,973.79,fU615

United States. War Department. Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. A,912.7374,xU68. Published as H. misdoc. 261 (52-1) 2998; Available in CIS US Serial Set. Reprint: Official Atlas of the Civil War. A,912.7374,fU68o


Barbuto, Domenica M. Guide to Civil War Books: An Annotated Selection of Modern Works on the War Between the States. R,016.9737,B241,96-5294

Crandall, Marjorie Lyle. Confederate Imprints: A Checklist Based Principally on the Collection of the Boston Athenaeum. 2 vols. C,015.75,C8914

Dornbusch, Charles E. Military Bibliography of the Civil War. 4 vols. A, C, R,016.97374, D713

Freemon, Frank R. Microbes and Minie Balls: An Annotated Bibliography of Civil War Medicine. C,016.973775,F855,93-39162

Harwell, Richard Barksdale. Confederate Belles-Lettres: A Bibliography and a Finding List of the Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Songsters, and Miscellaneous Literature Published in the Confederate States of America. C, 016.81, H34

____. Confederate Hundred: A Bibliographic Selection of Confederate Books. C, 015.75, H343

____. Cornerstones of Confederate Collecting. 2d ed. C, 016.973713, H343 

Murdock, Eugene Converse. The Civil War in the North: A Selective Annotated Bibliography. R,016.9737,M974,87-035648

Nevins, Allan. Civil War Books: A Critical Bibliography. 2 vols. C,016.9739,qN527

Parrish, T. Michael. Confederate Imprints: A Bibliography of Southern Publications from Secession to Surrender. R,106.973713,P261,87-055742

Smith, Myron J. American Civil War Navies: A Bibliography. R,016.97375,S655

United States. War Department. Library. Bibliography of State Participation in the Civil War. R,016.97374,U68a. Indexes: Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of New York for the Year... Registers of New York Regiments in the War of the Rebellion.

Biographical Dictionaries

Biographical Dictionary of the Union: Northern Leaders of the Civil War. Ed. John T. Hubbell & James W. Geary. R,973.70922,B615,94-89369

Eicher, John H. Civil War High Commands. C,973.713,qE34,201-6629

Heitman, Francis Bernard. Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army, from its Organization, September 29, 1789, to March 2, 1903. R,353.6,qH47

Sifakis, Stewart. Who Was Who in the Civil War. R,973.70922,qS573,88-61553

Spencer, James. Civil War Generals: Categorical Listings and a Biographical Directory. R,973.74,S745,87-012571

Wakelyn, Jon L. Biographical Dictionary of the Confederacy. R,973.71303,W149,78-28228

Warner, Ezra J. Biographical Register of the Confederate Congress. C,328.750922,W281,76-11936

____. Generals in Blue: Lives of the Union Commanders. A,973.709,Alw2; C,973.709,Alw2 2006.

____. Generals in Gray: Lives of the Confederate Commanders. R,973.742,Zaw; R,973.742,Zaw 2006.


Gallman, J. Matthew, ed. The Civil War Chronicle: The Only Day-by-Day Portrait of America's Tragic Conflict as Told by Soldiers, Journalists, Politicians, Farmers, Nurses, Slaves, and Other Eyewitnesses. C,973.78,C582,200-19661

Long, Everette B. Civil War Day by Day: An Almanac, 1861-1865. C,973.7,L848

Mosocco, Ronald A. The Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War: Per the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion. R,973.70202,qM912,95-11937

United States. Naval History Division. Civil War Naval Chronology, 1861-1865. C,973.75,U615a

Civil War Equipment and Uniform Items

Confederate States of America. War Department. Uniform and Dress of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States of America. C,355.14,qC748a. Reprint of volume originally published in 1861.

Gluckman, Arcadi. Identifying Old U.S. Muskets, Rifles & Carbines. R,623.442,G56a.

Lord, Francis Alfred. Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia: Arms, Uniforms, and Equipment of the Union and Confederacy. C,355.80973,qL866

____. Uniforms of the Civil War. C,973.78,qL866u

Databases and E-Journals, Listed by Subject (History)

Databases and electronic journals are available at the New York State Library. Researchers with a State Library borrower's card can also access many of these databases remotely.

Accessible Archives – Six databases of primary source material from 18th and 19th centuries, including coverage of the Civil War and African-American history. The databases are: Godey's Ladys Book 1830-1880; The Pennsylvania Gazette from 1728-1800; The Civil War: A Newspaper Perspective Nov. 1860 - April 1865; African American Newspapers: The 19th Century; The Pennsylvania Newspaper Record: Delaware County 1819-1870; and The Pennsylvania Genealogical Catalogue: Chester County 1809-1870.  Type: Full text.

African American Newspapers: The 19th Century - The database consists of seven newspapers: The Freedom's Journal, The Colored American, The North Star, Frederick Douglass Paper, The National Era, Provincial Freeman, and The Christian Recorder. Dates covered are 1827-1902. Type: Full text.

Civil War: A Newspaper Perspective - This database contains the full text of major articles from the New York Herald, Charleston Mercury and the Richmond Enquirer, published between November 1, 1860 and April 15, 1865. It includes descriptive news articles, eye-witness accounts and official reports of battles and events, editorials, advertisements and biographies. Type: Full text.

New York Times - Historical - A digital archive for The New York Times, the newspaper of record for the United States, from its first issue in 1851 through 2006. Type: Full text.

Digital Collections

A Selected Digital Historical Documents of Civil War materials with links to digital documents is available.

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Companions

Boatner, Mark Mayo. Civil War Dictionary.  R, 973.70321, B662, 88-59823. (1st ed., 1959, C, 973.703, B662)

Encyclopedia of the Confederacy. Richard N. Current, ed. 4 vols. R,973.713,qE56, 93-45563

Gibson, Charles Dana. Dictionary of Transports and Combatant Vessels, Steam and Sail, Employed by the Union Army, 1861-1868: An Annotated Compilation Containing 4,033 Operational Entries …  R,973.758,qG448,97-8272

Historical Times Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Civil War. Patricia L. Faust, ed. R,973.7,H673,86-40647

Welcher, Frank Johnson. The Union Army, 1861-1865: Organization and Operations. 2 vols. C,973.741,W441,89-36921


Atwater, Dorence. A List of the Union Soldiers Buried at Andersonville. Copied from the Official Record in the Surgeon's Office at Andersonville. C,973.767,qA88

Groene, Bertram Hawthorne. Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor. 4th ed. R,016.929373,G874,74-4028,1995

Horowitz, Lois. A Bibliography of Military Name Lists from Pre-1675 to 1900: A Guide to Genealogical Sources. R,929.373,H816,90-14241

Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of New York. 157 reels. MA/FM,973.7447,I38. Copies of records corresponding to entries in this index may be obtained from the National Archives for a fee.

National Archives Trust Fund Board. Military Service Records: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications. R,016.3556097,qN277,86-36734

Reamy, Martha. Index to the Roll of Honor. R,973.76,R288,96-12759

United States. National Archives and Records Service. Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives. R,016.9291072,qU587,83-76924

United States. Pension Bureau. List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883… by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882. 5 vols. R,351.5,U64. Available as Senate Executive Document 84 (47-2), 2078-1082 of the CIS US Serial Set.

Indexes and Abstracts

C.R.I.S.: The Combined Retrospect Index Set to Journals in History, 1838-1974. R,016.9,qC111,77-26591

New York Times Index. RI,071,qN549. Paper index beginning in September 1851.

Manuscripts Collections and Archives in Other Repositories

Beers, Henry Putney. Guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of America. A,016.9737,B415

Library of Congress. Manuscript Division. Civil War Manuscripts: A Guide to Collections in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress. A,016.9737,L697,91-40231

Munden, Kenneth White. Guide to Federal Archives Relating to the Civil War. A,016.9737,M965

The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1959-1993. C,016.091,qN277; Index to Personal Names in the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1959-1984. 2 vols. A,011.310973,qI38,88-34542


Currie, Stephen. Music of the Civil War. A,780.9730903,qC976,92-44790

Glass, Paul, ed. Spirit of the Sixties: A History of the Civil War in Song. Selections and Historical Commentary. Z,784.71973,qG549

Harwell, Richard Barksdale. Confederate Music. Z, 784.71, H343.

Harwell, Richard Barksdale, ed. Songs of the Confederacy. Z,784.71,qH343s

New York State in the Civil War


New York State census records
U.S. census records

Chisholm, Donna Gagnier. The New York State census of 1865 / by Donna Gagnier Chisholm. R, 929.3747,qC542,81-28774

Dilts, Bryan Lee. 1890 New York Census Index of Civil War Veterans or Their Widows/compiled by Bryan Lee Dilts. MA,929.3747,qD579,92-13759; MA/FF,929.3747,D579,86-32789.

New York (State). Secretary of State. Census of the State of New York, for 1865. A,RN,312.09747,qN5573,1865 (Parts 1 and 2); MA/FM,312.09747,N5573

United States. Census Office. 11th Census, 1890. Special Schedules of the Eleventh Census, 1890, Enumerating Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War. MA/FM,317.3,U587; reels 45-57 cover NYS.

County/Municipal Histories

Information on the New York State Library's Local History Collection

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Commandery of the State of New York. Circular/Commandery of the State of New York, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. [New York: The Order, 1869-1936]. C,369.152,N545

____. Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States: Roster of the Commandery of the State of New York from January 17, 1866 to June 1st, 1917. N, 973.7, M644, 99-4810

New York (State). Adjutant-General's Office. Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the State of New York. D,ADJ,050-1,76-45038; N, 040, M, V.6, N.1; MA, 973.741, C582, 93-13647, NY:26-73, 138-68. Also available in microfiche and through Civil War Unit Histories: Regimental Histories and Personal Narratives (fiche numbers 138 through 680.)

New York (State). Adjutant-General's Office. Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of New York for the Year… Registers [of New York Regiments in the War of the Rebellion] 43 vols. N, 973.7447, An. (Also in Civil War Unit Histories: Regimental Histories and Personal Narratives)  Index: Bibliography of State Participation in the Civil War, 1861-1866, p.481-482.

New York State. Adjutant-General's Office. A Record of the Commissioned Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Privates, of the Regiments Which were Organized in the State of New York and Called into the Service of the United States to Assist in Suppressing the Rebellion Caused by the Secession of Some of the Southern States from the Union, A.D. 1861… S.N.Y. 8 vols. N,973.7447,qA2n

New York State and the Civil War. 2 vols. D,CIV,829-3,STACW,200-84

New York State. Bureau of Military Statistics. Presentation of Flags of New York Volunteer Regiments and Other Organizations to His Excellency, Governor Fenton, in Accordance with a Resolution of the Legislature, July 4, 1865. N,973.763,qN555;
D, MIL, 464-4, PREFN, 7666415; MA, 973.741, C582, 93-13647, NY: 691-693

New York (State). Monuments Commission for the Battlefields of Gettysburg and Chattanooga. Final Report On the Battlefield of Gettysburg… 3 vols. D, MON, 800-1, 1900, 76-66497; R, 973.7349, qN54a; N, 973.7349, qN54a

New York (State) Monuments Commission for the Battlefields of Gettysburg, Chattanooga and Antietam. Dedication of the New York State Monument On the Battlefield of Antietam: Authorized by Chapter 582, Laws of 1920. D, MON, 950-4, DEDNY, 7666491

Phisterer, Frederick, comp. The Communities of New York and the Civil War: The Recruiting Areas of the New York Civil War Regiments.   A,973.741,P573.

____. New York in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865. 3d ed. 6 vols. Numerous locations; R, 973.7447, qA2; A, 973.7447, qA2; N, 973.7447, qA2; N, D, ADJ, 050-4, NEWYW, 204-2276; C,973.7447,qA2. Also available as part of Civil War Unit Histories: Regimental Histories and Personal Narratives microfiche collection. The NYSL also has 1890 ed. (A973.7447,qB).

The Union Preserved: A Guide to Civil War Records in the New York State Archives. R,016.9737,U58,99-10326; A, 016.9737, U58; C, 016.9737, U58

New York State Documents / Laws

Information on the New York State Library's Document Depository Program 

Annual reports issued as separate publications or published only as part of New York State Senate (D,LEG,795.8-3,DOCSS,87-000095) and Assembly (D,LEG,481.2-3,DOCAS,1059138) Documents series (Senate and Assembly documents). Appendix F of The Union Preserved: A Guide to Civil War Records in the New York State Archives, provides a guide to several of these reports.

Carter, Robert Allan. Annotated Lists and Indexes of the New York State Assembly and Senate Document Series, 1831-1918. 3 vols. D,LIB 460-4,ANNLI,86-11287,1831-1918

Hasse, Adelaide R. Index of Economic Material in Documents of the States of the United States: New York, 1789-1904. R,106.3309747,qH354,90-55047

New York (State) Legislature. General Index to the Documents of the State of New York, 1777-1888. R,328.7474,N555

New York (State). Legislature. Laws of the State of New York Passed at the Sessions of the Legislature. UNCLAS LAW/NYS; D LEG 006.8-3 LAWSN; RN; MA/FF 348.747 N53 84-56526. Index: New York State. General Index to the Laws of New York, 1777-1901, Both Dates Inclusive. LAW,671-4,GENIL,725007

____. Senate Journals: D,LEG,795.8-3,JOURN,78-768. Assembly Journals: D,LEG,481.2-3,JOURN,77-51244

Newspapers and Magazines

American Periodicals, 1741-1900: An Index to the Microfilm Collections: American Periodicals 18th Century; American Periodicals, 1800-1850; American Periodicals, 1850-1900, Civil War and Reconstruction. Edited by Jean Hoornstra and Trudy Heath. RR,016.051,qH789,80-20378; MB/FM,051,A51p

Confederate Southern Memorial Association.
Confederate veteran: published monthly in the interest of Confederate veterans and kindred topics. 40v. Nashville, Tenn.: [S.A. Cunningham, 1893-1932]. C369.17 qC74

Manarin, Louis H.
The Confederate veteran magazine, 1893-1932. Cumulative index. Wilmington, N.C.: Broadfoot Pub. Co.. 1990, c1986.
C 369.17 qC74, 1983b

New York State Newspapers: lists newspapers available in microfilm and in print that were published during the Civil War in communities around New York State.

Photographic Histories

American Heritage. American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War. C,973.79,qA512

Gardner, Alexander, 1821-1882. Photographic Sketch Book of the Civil War. C,973.79,qG226

Miller, Francis Trevelyan. Photographic History of the Civil War. C,973.7,qM64a

Touched by Fire: A Photographic Portrait of the Civil War. 2 vols. C973.70222,T722,86-22900

Regimental Histories/Rosters

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Being for the Most Part Contributions by Union and Confederate Officers. Based upon "The Century War Series." Johnson, Robert Underwood and Clarence Clough Buel, eds. 4 vols. C, 973.73,qB33 ("Peoples Pictorial Edition", 1894. C, 973.73, qB33p; 1956 edition. C, 973.73, B33, 1956; 1956 edition, Bradford, Larned G. ed. C, 973.7, B336)

Civil War Unit Histories: Regimental Histories and Personal Narratives. MA/FF,973.741,C582,93-13647. Printed guide compiled by Blair D. Hydrick entitled: A Guide to the Microfiche Edition of Civil War Unit Histories: Regimental Histories and Personal Narratives… (MA, 973.741, C582, 93-13647). Covers NY (Fiche nos.138-680), CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT, NJ, and PA units.

Dyer, Frederick Henry. A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion. C,973.7,qD99. Reprint at: A, 973.7, qD99a

Evans, Clement Anselm, ed. Confederate Military History: A Library of Confederate States History. 12v. C,973.742,E92

Freemon, Frank R. Gangrene and Glory: Medical Care During the American Civil War.  C, 973.775, qF855, 99-5479

Graham, Matthew J. (Matthew John)  The Ninth Regiment New York Volunteers (Hawkins' Zouaves): Being a History of the Regiment and Veteran Association from 1860 to 1900.  MA,973.741 C582, 93-13647 NY:1085-1091. Also contained in: Civil War Unit Histories, Part 3, Union—Mid-Atlantic; NY: 1085-1091.

Harwell, Richard Barksdale, ed. The Confederate Reader. C,973.782,H343

____. The Union Reader. C,973.781,H343

____. The War They Fought. C,973.78,H343. The two readers were later combined and issued as The War They Fought.

Personnel of the Civil War. Amann, William Frayne, ed. A,973.74,A484

The Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865. Hewett, Janet B., ed. 16 vols. R, 973.742, qR839, 203-3966

The Roster of Union Soldiers, 1861-1865. Hewett, Janet B., ed. 33 vols. R, 973.741, qH598, 203-3100

Tancig, W.J. Confederate Military Land Units, 1861-1865. C,973.742,T162

United States. Adjutant-General's Office. List of Synonyms of Organizations in the Volunteer Service of the United States During the Years 1861, '62, '63, '64, and '65. R, A, 973.74,U46. Microfiche: United States. Adjutant-General's Office. List of Synonyms of Organizations in Volunteer Service of the United States during the Years 1861-1865. MB, 351.73, U115, 202-2963 W302-67


Clodfelter, Micheal  Warfare and Armed Conflicts: A Statistical Reference to Casualty and Other Figures, 1618-1991. 2v.
C 904.7 C643 93-2113.

Fox, William Freeman, 1840-1909. Regimental Losses in the American Civil War, 1861-1865…  Losses in the Union Regiments…  Compiled from the Official Records on File in the State Military Bureaus and at Washington. 4th ed. C,973.7419,qF79

Livermore, Thomas Leonard, 1844-1918. Numbers & Losses in the Civil War in America, 1861-65. C,973.7419,L78a

Phisterer, Frederick, comp. New York in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865. 3d ed. 6 vols. C,973.7447,qA2

U.S. Documents/Official Records

Information on the Federal Depository Program

Aimone, Alan Conrad and Barbara. A User's Guide to the Official Records of the American Civil War. R, C, A 973.7 A294 94-71436
Previous ed. (1972) at: C, R 973.71 A294 75-23

United States. Adjutant-General's Office. Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force of the United States Army for the Years 1861, '62, '63, '64, '65. 8 vols. R,973.741,U587,88-60365

United States Congressional Serial Set. MB/FF,328.73,U587,83-23882.  Referred to as the Serial Set or Congressional Series. Indexed by the CIS US Serial Set Index (RR,328.73,qC749,77-35270).

United States. National Archives and Records Service. Military Operations of the Civil War: A Guide-Index to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1861-1865. 5 vols. C,973.73,U587,77-12673

United States. Naval War Records Office. Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion. 30 vols. R,973.75,U62o; MB/FF,328.73,U587,83-23882. Index: H.doc. 113 (69-1) 8603; CIS U.S. Serial Set Index for the 51st-68th Congresses; RR,328.73,qC749,77-35270. Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies... is also available onlineexternal link.

United States. Surgeon-General's Office. The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion (1861-65) Prepared…  Under the Direction of Surgeon General Joseph K. Barnes, United States Army. 2 vols. MB 351.73 U115 202-2963 W4410-1.1
Original edition: N,617.99,qU66

United States. War Department. War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1880-1901. 128 vols. RC,973.74,U68; MB/FF,328.73,U587,83-23882. Index: H.doc 558 (56-2) 4209;  CIS U.S. Serial Set Index for the 46th-57th Congresses; RR,328.73,qC749,77-35270. War of the Rebellion... is also available onlineexternal link.

United States Patents

Information about Patents

United States. Patent Office. Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents. R,608,qU642r

____. Subject-matter Index for Inventions Issued by the United States Patent Office from 1790 to 1873, Inclusive. R,608,qU642s

Confederate States of America. Patent Office. Report of the Commissioner of Patents. 1864. N,608,C748. For more information, contact the Museum of the Confederacy, 1201 East Clay Street, Richmond, VA 23219; 804-649-1861

Selected Civil War Collections in the New York State Library
Manuscripts and Special Collections


Cole, Garold
Civil War eyewitnesses: an annotated bibliography of books and articles, 1955-1986.
Columbia, S.C.: University of South Carolina Press, c1988. A 016.97378 C582, 90-12891

Civil War eyewitnesses: an annotated bibliography of books and articles, 1986-1996.
Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, c2000. A 016.97378 C582 90-12891 2000

Mullins, Michael, 1943-
The Union bookshelf: a selected Civil War bibliography. Wendell, N.C.: Broadfoot's Bookmark, 1982. A 016.9737 M959, 85-39196

Broadsides (Posters, Handbills, etc.)

Baker & Godwin, Printers.
Brighter days are dawning, good old times are coming. Lebanon, N.Y.: Baker & Godwin, Printers., 1862. BRO1409+

Blood Hound Hero. Boston, Ma.: J.H. & F.F. Farwell Printing., 1866. BRO1503

Broadside listing names of deserters, 1863. Call Number: BRO5103+

The game of secession, or sketches of the rebellion. Ithaca, N.Y.: McFarland & Thomson, printers, 1862. BRO5306+

"In and out of rebel prisons" by lieut. A. Cooper, Oswego, N.Y. [18--?] BRO0926+

Morford, Henry.
The great rebellion, a grand national allegory and tableaux, written expressly for J.M. Hager's grand concerts by Henry Morford, of New York, will be given by 300 young ladies and gents, masters and misses, including the best talent in this city, assisted by a military corps, who appear in defense of the Stripes and Stars. Call Number: BRO2119

100 Army Horses Wanted!  Lowville, N.Y.: James Churchill., 1863. Call Number: BRO1448

A Rare Chance … Watertown … I have received orders to enlist and muster into the service of the United States a company of cavalry to serve for one year … December 27th, 1864. Call Number: BRO0056+

Recruiting poster for the Lowville Light Artillery, 1861. Call Number: BRO1439

To Arms!  The Lowville Light Artillery… Lowville, 1861. Call Number: BRO1438+

Family Papers / Letters / Diaries

Brown, Orsell Cook
Letter, July 27, 1863. Call Number: SC10598

Burnham, Uberto Adalbert. 76th New York Infantry, Co. D.
Papers (1857-1928). Call Number: SC11837.

Chadwick Family.
Papers. Call Number: SC16555

Cone, Alanson B. [123rd New York Infantry, Co. G.]
Personal Narrative (1864). Call Number: BD20893.

Douglass, Frederick
Letters, 1855-1857.  Call Number: VC22938
Online exhibit: Frederick Douglass Letters

Eaton Family.
Papers. Call Number: SC17395

Eldridge, James W.
Letter, 1893 May 23. Call Number: 4973

Enders, Jacob Henry [Chaplain, 153rd New York Infantry]
Papers (1855-1901). Call Number: SC19615.

Griswold, Burr M.
Letters (1863-1864). Call Number: 15745.

Hassler, Dorothy K.
Collection of materials related to Mary Ann Brown, wife of John Brown.
Call Number: SC14919

Haynes, Calvin A.
Letters, 1862-1863. Call Number: 19619

Heiner, Daniel
Letter, 1862. Call Number: 14022

Inglis, John D.
Papers, 1862-1911 Call Number: SC22716

Jemison, Chauncey C. [132nd New York Infantry, Co. D]
Letter (August 5, 1862). Call Number: 19151.

Kelso, James
Letters, 1864-1865. Call Number: SC22849

Mabie, Jasper
Letter, April 17, 1863. Call Number: 17950

Morgan, Edwin D. (Edwin Denison)
Papers, 1833-1883 Call Number: SC11818

Neafie, Alfred
Papers Call Number: SC22855

New York (State). National Guard Regiment, 13th.
Order book, 1862-1866. Call Number: BD22823

Rolfe, George
Diaries, 1864-1865  Call Number: 18711

Shaw, Westley H. [35th New York Infantry, Co. H]
Letters (1861-1865).  Call Number: 21161.

Slocum Family
Papers. Call Number: SC22590

Stetson, William M. [99th New York Infantry, Co. B]
Diary (1861-1864). Call Number:BD9976

Tyler, Cyrenus G. [134th New York Infantry, Co. E]
Letter (February 1862). Call Number: 10938.

United States Army. 1st New York Engineers, Co. E
Regiment. Morning reports (1862). Call Number: BD20896.

United States Colored Troops. 26th Infantry
Regiment. Records (1864-1865). Call Number: SC20859.

Warren, Gouverneur Kemble
Papers Call Number: SC10668

Wool, John Ellis
Papers, 1810-1869.  Call Number: SC15361


McElfresh, Earl B.
Maps and Mapmakers of the Civil War. Call Number: CQ, A, N973.70223 qM141 99-16279

Panorama of the Seat of War. (New York: John G. Wells, 1862?) Call Number: BRO773

Ruggles, Daniel
Tactical map of the Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee, 1862. Call Number: N 3717

United States. War Department.
Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Call Number: A,912.7374,xU68. Published as H. misdoc. 261 (52-1) 2998; Available in CIS US Serial Set.

Warren, General G. K.
Sketch of the Battle of Five Forks, Virginia, 1865. Call Number: 73738

Willcox, William H.
Map of the Battle of Antietam.  Philad[elphi]a: P.S. Duval & Son, [186-?]  Call Number: (737349) 1863 99-6363

Willcox, William H.
Map of the Battle of Gettysburg, Pa., July 1st, 2nd, & 3rd 1863: Showing Line of Battle on P.M. of 2nd. Philad[elphi]a: P.S. Duval & Son, [186-?] Call Number: (737349) 1863 99-6363

Memoirs / Unit Histories

Bryson, John
History of the 30th New York State Volunteers [ca. 1895] Call Number: BD13659

McKee, James Harvey
Back "In War Times": History of the 144th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, with Itinerary, Showing Contemporaneous Dates of the Important Battles of the Civil War. ([Unadilla, N.Y.]: Lieut. Horace E. Bailey, Publisher, 1903) Call Number: N,973.7447,K44m  Original manuscript letters written by McKee during the Civil War also are available. (Call Number: SC12933)

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. New York Commandery.
Personal recollections of the War of the Rebellion: addresses delivered before the New York Commandery of the Loyal Legion of the United States, 1883. 4v. New York: Pub. by the Commandery, 1891- . Call Number: A 973.781 M642.

Old Guard Association.
Souvenir of the annual reunion, 1894 [microform]: with historical sketch of the Twelfth Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y., 1847-1861, campaign of 'sixty-one, with muster rolls. [New York]: Old Guard Association, c1894.  Call Number: MA 973.741 C582 93-13647 NY:1112-1114.

Personal narrative of an unidentified Confederate Army soldier, 1864. Call Number: BD3929

Prints (Photographs, Sketches, etc.)

Assassination of Colonel Elmer Ephraim Ellsworth, May 24, 1861... Call Number: PRI4224

Belger Barracks, Baltimore, Md. 150th Regt., New York Volunteers. Baltimore: E. Sachse & Co., 1863. Call Number: PRI1882+

Bramhall, Frank J.
The military souvenir; a portrait gallery of our military and naval heroes. New York, J. C. Buttre, 1863. Call Number: N 920.073 qB81

Grant's coffin, [1885?]  Call Number: PRI1988

Muster Roll of Captain Benjamin L. Higgins, Company A of the 86th New York Regiment of Infantry. Call Number: SC21141,

Meserve, Frederick Hill comp.
Historical portraits; a collection of photographs printed directly from the original negatives. 28 vols. 1913-15. Call Number: V 920 qM57.

Meserve, Frederick Hill comp.
Historical portraits and Lincolniana; index of a part of the collection of Americana of Frederick Hill Meserve. New York, Priv. print., 1915. Call Number: A 920 qM57b

Meserve, Frederick Hill comp.
The photographs of Abraham Lincoln.  Call Number: N 973.709 qL7m1

Panorama of the Embarkation of the Fire Zouaves on Board the Baltic, Apr. 29th, 1862: Taken Foot of Spring & Canal St. (New York: Sarony, Major & Knapp, 1861)
Call Number: PRI3349

The Soldier Boy. New York: Currier & Ives, 1864. Call Number: PRI288+

Ulysses S. Grant's Funeral Procession, Albany, 1885. Call Number: PRI31

Rare Books

Albany Army Relief Bazaar
Canteen. 1-12; Feb. 22-Mar. 5, 1864. 1864.  Call Number: A, N 973.7772 qC22. Newspaper of the Albany Relief Bazaar held in support of the Union troops during the war. See also: New York (City). Spirit of the Fair.

Albany Army Relief Bazaar.
Catalogue of Rare and Valuable Curiosities Contributed for Exhibition in the Curiosity Shop of the Albany Army Relief Bazaar, February 22d, 1864. Albany: Weed, Parsons and Co., 1864. Call Number: N,973.704,A326,90-49372

Albany Army Relief Bazaar.
Photographs of the Bazaar [Albany, N.Y.?: s.n.], 1864. Call Number: N,973.772,qA3262

Anderson, Osborne Perry.
Voice from Harper's Ferry: A Narrative of Events at Harper's Ferry; with Incidents Prior and Subsequent to Its Capture by Captain Brown and His Men. Boston: Printed for the Author, 1861. Call Number:N,973.7116,A54

Bartlett, John Russell [sic].
The Barbarities of the Rebels, as Shown in Their Cruelty to the Federal Wounded and Prisoners, in Their Outrages upon Union Men, in the Murder of Negroes, and in Their Unmanly Conduct throughout the Rebellion by Percy Howard. Providence, R. I.: Printed for the author, 1863. Call Number: N, 973.771,B289,93-19334

Book of Bubbles: A Contribution to the New York Fair in Aid of the Sanitary Commission.
New York: Endicott, 1864. Call Number: N,741,B72

Bowditch, Henry I.
A Brief Plea for an Ambulance System for the Army of the United States as Drawn from the Extra Sufferings of the Late Lieut. Bowditch and a Wounded Comrade. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1863. Call Number: N,973.775,B785,93-19380

Brooklyn. Brooklyn and Long Island Fair in Aid of the United States Sanitary Commission.
History of the Brooklyn and Long Island fair, February 22, 1864. Brooklyn: "The Union," Steam Presses, 1864. Call Number: N, 973.7772,qU67B1

Confederate States.
Report of the Committee on Military Affairs, 1863. Call Number: N,973.742,C748

Confederate States of America. War Dept.
Official Reports of Battles. Richmond: Enquirer Book and Job Press, 1862.
Call Number: N,973.742,C7485o2

Cooper, Alonzo.
In and Out of Rebel Prisons. Oswego, N.Y.: R.J. Oliphant, 1888.
Call Number: N,973.771,C77

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. New York, N.Y.: Frank Leslie, 1855-1891.
Call Number: N 071.471 fF828 206-898

Harper's Weekly. [New York, Harper's Magazine Co., etc.] Call Number: N 051 fH29w

A History of George W. Murray and His Long Confinement at Andersonville, Ga., Also the Starvation and Death of His Three Brothers at the Same Place.   Northampton, Mass.: Trumbull & Gere, [1865?] Call Number: N,973.771,M982,90-768, 1865

History of the Ninth Regiment N.Y.S.M.-N.G.S.N.Y. (Eighty-third N. Y. Volunteers.) 1845-1888. New York: Veterans of the Regiment, 1889. Call Number: N,973.7447,J83a,93-1799

Johnston, Isaac N.
Four Months in Libby, and the Campaign against Atlanta. Cincinnati: Printed at the Methodist Book Concern, for the Author, 1864. Call Number: N,973.7712,J72

Kellogg, Robert.
Life and Death in Rebel Prison: Giving a Complete History of the Inhuman and Barbarous Treatment of Our Brave Soldiers by Rebel Authorities, Inflicting Terrible Suffering and Frightful Mortality, Principally at Andersonville, Ga., and Florence, S.C., Describing Plans of Escape, Arrival of Prisoners, with Numerous and Varied Incidents and Anecdotes of Prison Life. Hartford, Conn.: L. Stebbins, 1865. Call Number: N,9733.771,K29

Lord, George A.
A Short Narrative and Military Experience of Corp. G.A. Lord. Troy, 1864. Call Number: N,973.7,L866

Murray, George W.
Walls That Talk: A Transcript of the Names, Initials and Sentiments Written and Graven on the Walls, Doors and Windows of the Libby Prison at Richmond, by the Prisoners of 1861-'65. Richmond: R.E. Lee Camp, No. 1, C.V., 1884 (Republished 1889)
Call Number: N,973.771,W215,93-19353

Porter, John K.
[Scrapbook of clippings from the Albany Atlas Argus, 1851-1866.] [Albany, N.Y.?], 1866? Call Number: N,973.7,P846

St. Andrew's Society of the City of Albany (N.Y.).
Memorial of the Great Sanitary Fair, Held in the City of Albany, N.Y., February and March, 1864. Albany, N.Y.: Van Benthuysen, 1864. Call Number: N,973.7772,S134

The Spirit of the Fair. New York: John F. Trow, 1864. Call Number: N,973.7772,qS75

Stevenson, James.
"Boots and Saddles": A History of the First Volunteer Cavalry of the War, Known as the First New York (Lincoln) Cavalry, and Also as the Sabre Regiment. Its Organization, Campaigns and Battles. Harrisburg: Patriot Publishing Co., 1879. Call Number: N,973.7447,EO1s. Related photographs contained in Print Collection, PRI3726.

Sheet Music / Songsters

Beadle's Dime Knapsack Songster: containing the choicest patriotic songs, together with many new and original ones, set to old melodies.  New York: Beadle and Co., 1862.
Call Number: QC16519-21

Brownell, Henry Howard
Original version of the John Brown song. [Philadelphia]: Supervisory Committee for Recruiting Colored Regiments, [1863?]  Call Number: SCO BRO1779

The Children of the Battlefield
Poetry and music by James G. Clark. (Philadelphia: Lee & Walker, 1864) Call Number: SCO12

Colburn, M. and N.P. Beers
The Drum-tap Rattles thro' the Land: National Song. (New York: Firth, Pond & Co., 1862). Call Number: SCO128

Corcoran To His Regiment: Or I Would Not Take Parole". (New York: Henry de Marsan, 1861). Call Number: SCO BRO177

Currie, Stephen
Music in the Civil War. Cincinnati, Ohio: Betterway Books, 1992.
Call Number: A 780.9730903 qC976 92-447

Dadmun, J. W. (John William)
Army and navy melodies: a collection of hymns and tunes, religious and patriotic, original and selected. Boston, J.P. Magee, Benj. B. Russell; New York, E. Goodenough [1862]
Call Number: QC16519-6

Howell, Elmer
Diary, 1863 January 1-December 31. Call Number: BD20807

Jacobsen, Otto F.
"Our Laddie's Dead, Jem": Uttered by One of Colonel Ellsworth's Zouaves Ballad.
(New York: Wm. Hall & Son, 1861) Call Number: SCO12768

McFadden, Arthur
Col. Owens' Gallant Irish Volunteers. (Philadelphia: A.W. Auner, [1863?]
Call Number: SCO BRO150

The New-York Fire Zouaves
[Words] by Mrs. E.O.C.; Air: River Roe. (New York: Henry De Marsan, ca. 1861)
Call Number: SCO BRO813

Pastor, Antonio
Tony Pastor's New Union song book. (New York: Dick & Fitzgerald, 1862).
Call Number: QC16519-168

Rebel, A
Lines on the Proclamation By the Tyrant Lincoln, April First, 1863. [S.L.]: [S.N.], 1863.
Call Number: SCO BD0608.

Songs for the Union: A Collection of Patriotic, National, Original and Selected Songs, Many of Which Have Been Written to Suit the Times. (Philadelphia: A. Winch, 1861)
Call Number: QC16519-154

Strong, Thomas W.
The Flag of Our Union Songster. A collection of patriotic Union and naval songs, original and selected, from the best authors, and adapted to the times. (Philadelphia: A. Winch, 1861) Call Number: QC16519-59

The Stars and Stripes songster: original patriotic songs and marching choruses, written to popular operatic airs and well known melodies. (New York: Robert W. De Witt, 1861).
Call Number: QC16519-156

Sullivan, Thomas D.
Irish Brigade Quadrilles.(New York: John J. Daly, 1861)  Call Number: SCO1827

The tent and forecastle songster: containing a variety of original army, navy, comic and convivial songs, interspersed with recitations, and anecdotes of the army and navy. (New York: Dick & Fitzgerald, 1862). Call Number: QC16519-161

Tucker, Henry
We Can Never Forget It: or the Memories of Andersonville Prison Pens.(New York: W. Jennings Demorest, 1865). Call Number: SCO12590

Tucker, Henry, 1826?-1882.
When this cruel war is over: ballad. Richmond, Va.: Geo. Dunn & Compy., c1864.
Call Number: SCO12570

Warren, George William.
A Requiem in Memory of Ellsworth, 1861. New York: Firth, Pond, c1861.
Call Number: SCO12756

Who Goes There? [Copperhead]  New York: De Marsan; New York Union Valentine Co, [186-?] Call Number: SCO BRO176.

Young, Charles.
Grand March: Illustrative of "Stonewall Jackson's Way". (New York: J.L. Peters, 1864). Call Number: SCO049

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