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Document Delivery Charges

Can't get to the New York State Library? New York State Library Document Delivery services provide expanded access to the collections of the New York State Library through a variety of fee-based duplication services. See chart below for services and fees.

Large orders: Prior authorization is required for orders over $100. Large orders will be filled if staff and equipment are available. Approved orders over $100 must be prepaid.

We can not provide copies of the following materials: audio, film/video or other multi-media. Some bound volumes can not be digitized via the Library's book scanners due to size or condition. In cases of volumes with tight bindings or text running into the gutter of the book, some information may not be legible in the files delivered. The quality of copies made from microfilm or microfiche is dependent upon the condition/quality of the original item. For example, if the original image, page or film is dark, discolored or blemished, this will appear in a copy.

Copyright: The New York State Library's Document Delivery Unit copies all materials in accordance with the U.S. copyright laws. Materials copied are for private study, research or scholarship.  Any other use may require the permission of the copyright owner.

Chart of Duplication Services and Costs

Service NYS Government All Other Customers Notes

Legal Certification of paper Copies (photocopies)

free for state government

$25.00 for each group of 1-50 pages in addition to  copying fees

Delivery time: 10 business days.

Digital and Paper copies

first 50 pages free

Over 50 pages: $1.00 per page

$1.00 per page

$10.00 minimum charge for copy orders under 10 pages

Delivery time:  up to 48 hrs.
Delivery time for copies from MSC materials: up to 5 business days.
Standard delivery for digital copies is black and white PDFs with 300 DPI.
Paper photocopies are available in black and white and in sizes 8 ½" x 11", 8 ½"x14 and 11"x17".
Copies can be made in color depending upon the original
Dpi from 300 – 800
Digital copy can be made from paper copy materials up to 18" x 24"
Other formats available for digital copy: tiff, JPEG

High-Resolution Scans
(reproduction quality)

$20.00 per digital image (reproduction quality)

$20.00 per digital image (reproduction quality)

Delivery time:
2 weeks.
Grayscale or color
For images over 800 dpi
Sizes up to 30" x 40"


1-5 fiche free
over 5 fiche:
$3.00 per fiche

$3.00 per fiche

Delivery time: 5 business days.


$100.00 per reel silver halide
$75.00 per reel diazo

$100.00 per silver halide reel
$75.00 per diazo reel

Delivery time: 6-8 wks.
We can only make duplicate copies of microfilm if the NYSL has the master film.

Fed Ex


$10.00 plus other charges

We will use customer's Fed Ex account number

Last Updated: June 2, 2021