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Literacy and Children



McMacken, Mary C. "The Parents' Role in Literacy Development: Fostering Reading Strategies at Home" [link is to ERIC record]. Childhood Education Vol. 69, No. 3 (Spring 1993): 142-145.

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Shaywitz, Sally. Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science Based Program for Reading Problems at any Level. Knopf press. New York 2003

Reading and Reading Lists

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Children's Book Awards

New York State


School Library / Public Library Connection



Bush, Gail. "Walking the Road between Libraries: Best Practices in School and Public Library Cooperative Activities" [link is to ERIC record]. School Library Media Activities Monthly. 22.6 (February 2006)

Callison, Daniel. "Expanding Collaboration for Literacy Promotion in Public and School Libraries" [link is to ERIC record] Journal of Youth Services in Libraries. 11.3 (Fall 1997): 37-48.

Gross, Valerie. "A+ Partners in Education: Linking Libraries to Education for a Flourishing Future" Public Libraries. 44.4 (July/August 2005): 217-22 pdf file.

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Organizations for Library Professionals Serving Youth

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Youth Programming in Libraries

Laws and Regulations

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