Environmental Assessment Forms

Each 2022-2026 State Aid for Library Construction project application is required to comply with the State Environmental Quality Review Act.

More information on SEQR & applicable formsexternal link opens in a new window

In most cases applicants for State Aid for Library Construction will be completing the SEAF Forms. Please note NYSDEC has revised the SEAF Forms. The SEAF is now in three parts: SEAF Part 1 (PDF)external link opens in a new window; SEAF Part 2 & 3 (PDF)external link opens in a new window. All three parts must be completed, signed and attached to your construction application. Also, a map of the project location is required to be attached to Part 1.

If, after completing the SEAF, it appears that the project could impact the environment adversely, a Full Environmental Assessment Form (FEAF; Part 1external link opens in a new window, Part 2external link opens in a new window, Part 3external link opens in a new window) will need to be completed. Applicants should be prepared to provide a copy of the completed FEAF to the State Library or others, upon request, prior to the project start date.

All components of a public library construction application are considered public information, including completed SEAF and FEAF documents and therefore are subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

Submission Instructions for Libraries and Library Systems

The signed SEQR forms are submitted through the online portal.

NYSDEC is also providing an Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) Workbookexternal link opens in a new window and the EAF Mapperexternal link opens in a new window has been developed by the DEC to help applicants answer some of the Part 1 questions for both the Full EAF and the Short EAF. The EAF Mapper quickly and efficiently finds some of the location-based information needed in Part 1 from multiple DEC data sources. The spatial data used by the EAF mapping program to complete the new EAFs is based on the GIS data sets used and maintained by DEC, or actively maintained by various agencies and shared with DEC.

For further information please see FAQsexternal link opens in a new window provided by NYSDEC.

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