New York State Library
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NYS Library Internet Use Policy for Federal Depository Library Materials

  1. The New York State Library, a Regional Federal Depository Library, offers the general public free access to Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) information on the Internet.
  2. Access to New York State Library workstations for FDLP information is identical to that for other information.
  3. The New York State Library does not use filtering software on any of its FDLP workstations.
  4. In accordance with the New York State Library Internet Policy for Public Use, downloading of FDLP information is permitted only on disks available from staff at the New York State Library's Electronic Reference Station at a modest cost. Charges for the disks are the same for all types of information, including FDLP information.
  5. In accordance with the general NYSL Internet Policy for Public Use, use of FDLP workstations is limited to thirty minutes at a time if others are waiting.
  6. In accordance with the general NYSL Internet Policy for Public Use, users of FDLP workstations may be asked to sign up on a sheet for thirty-minute sessions if there are not enough workstations available to accommodate everyone.
  7. Charges, if applicable, for printing of information from the FDLP Internet information are consistent with those for other Internet resources.
Last Updated: July 20, 2022