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Guidelines for Disposition of FDLP Publications

Selective depository libraries in New York State may opt to withdraw depository publications and can do so following procedures established by the NYS Library in line with FDLP procedures. Please contact the Regional Coordinator about disposition projects and if you have any concerns about mold.

FDLP eXchange

The NYS Library manages the disposition of depository materials using the FDLP eXchange.

Disposition Guidelines

All items received through the FDLP must be retained for five years, then offered through the FDLP eXchange before disposal. The exchange review period established by the NYS Library allows 45 days for regional review and 15 days for selective review. We strongly suggest offering titles nationally to support libraries across the country expand their depository collections or support their work on digitization projects.

Exceptions to the Five Year Retention Rule

Superseded items

Titles listed in the Current Superseded Guidelines may be discarded upon receipt of a new edition or revision without offering the item in the eXchange.


Microfiche needs to be retained for five years and the it can be discarded based on your collection needs. Please notify us five days in advance if you plan to discard a large run or complete set of microfiche.


Electronic or microformat material can be substituted on a case-by-case basis after holding the material for 1 year, but the substitution must be approved by the Regional. If you apply for a substitution, you should include a link to the resource you wish to substitute it for. It must be a full and complete version of the material, available to the public free of charge. Once an item is approved for substitution you may be able to discard it without offering. FDLP eXchange does not support offering material held less than 5 years. For further information on substitution see Best Practices When Superseding and Substituting.

Last Updated: May 1, 2024