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Talking Book and Braille Library

November 2016

The November 2016 exhibit on the seventh floor of the New York State Library illustrating the history of equipment and materials provided through the National Library Service and the NYS Talking Book and Braille Library.

left display case, showing an olh brailler and several books in braille and print-braille.

The left case displayed an old braille machine, surrounded by books in braille, ranging from Darwin's The Origin of Species to children's picture books in print-braille.

Center display case, with an old cassette player, cassette tapes and records as well as some print documents.

The center diplay case showcased older formats for audio books, including books on records and cassette tapes and an old cassette player.

right display case

The right display cased showed current technology for audio books, including a digital cartridge player and accessories and some promotional materials. The National Library Service switched from cassettes to digital cartridges for Talking Books in 2009, and soon after added a direct download service, BARD, that allows users to listen to their books on a smartphone or tablet.


Exhibit curated by Michael Whitney and Shawn Lemieux.

Last Updated: November 2, 2021