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You are eligible for this library service if you are a resident of upstate New York, of any age, and you have a physical disability that prevents you from reading print materials:

  • You can't see well enough to read conventional print. Specifically, you must:
    • Be legally blind, with vision in the better eye of 20/200 or less with correcting lenses, or:
    • Have a visual field no greater than 20 degrees in diameter, or:
    • Be unable to see well enough to focus long enough to read standard print, even with corrective lenses.


  • You have a permanent or temporary physical limitation which prevents you from holding a book or turning its pages. Physical disabilities which may prevent the ability to read include:

    • multiple sclerosis,
    • stroke,
    • cerebral palsy,
    • severe arthritis,
    • paralysis,
    • a missing arm or hand,
    • lack of muscle coordination, and
    • prolonged weakness.


  • You have a physically-based reading disability. You must be certified by a medical doctor as having a reading or learning disability due to an organic dysfunction severe enough to prevent reading in the usual manner.

    For more information about eligible learning disabilities, see the NLS Factsheet Talking Books and Reading Disabilitiesexternal link.


Last Updated: August 23, 2017