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In 2010, the New York State Library began offering statewide access to Summer Reader, an online registration tool developed by Evanced Solutions, to New York's public libraries and neighborhood branches.

Summer Reader and Wandoo Reader are web-based online summer reading registration tools that allow children, teens, and adults to track their reading, monitor the prizes they have won, write reviews, and much more. Both can be customized by libraries to allow them to manage summer reading programs, give additional prizes, add news individualized to each library, and much more. The children’s version of Wandoo Reader features an interactive game that tracks books read by the player in order to progress through the game. Both Summer Reader and Wandoo Reader can be used year-round for other public library reading-based programs.

Evanced is no longer offering new sign-ups for Summer Reader. All libraries currently using Summer Reader can continue to do so, and Evanced will be providing ongoing technical support for the Summer Reader product. Libraries who have not previously signed up for an online registration tool may sign up for Wandoo Reader. These software tools will enable libraries to further enhance summer reading programs, increase participation, and streamline the collection and reporting of data on program participation and related activities. Use of the software is voluntary. The software comes ready to use, but libraries may further customize the software to meet local needs.

Wandoo Reader

Libraries wishing to switch from Classic Summer Reader or try out Wandoo Reader for the first time should follow these steps. 

Wandoo Reader Trial Site

  1. A library can run Wandoo Reader OR Classic Summer Reader, but cannot run both.
  2. A library wishing to have a test site of Wandoo Reader should make the request now, since the test sites take several days to build. The trial period runs from early February to March 31, 2017. Evanced will contact libraries before the end of the trial period to ask for their decision on using Wandoo Reader for Summer 2017. If a library does not respond to Evanced with a decision, their Wandoo Reader test site will be deactivated.
  3. A library can request a Wandoo Reader test site here: external link; opens in a new window
  4. If a library has never had Classic Summer Reader site, they can request a new Wandoo Reader "live" site at the link above as well (just choose the appropriate option).

Wandoo Reader Training

  1. No NY-specific training webinars are provided for Wandoo Reader by Evanced
  2. Training for Wandoo Reader is focused on pre-recorded material or by the publicly available Wandoo Reader webinars accessible at the Evanced training calendar monthly: link; opens in a new window

Additional Important information: 

  • A library can run Wandoo Reader OR Classic Summer Reader, but cannot run both and cannot switch back and forth.
  • If a library switches to Wandoo Reader, they cannot switch back to Classic Summer Reader

 Additional training opportunities will be posted on the Evanced training calendar located at: external link; opens in a new window

Wandoo Reader Training Webinar Sessions

There are regular Q & A sessions about Wandoo Reader for all libraries available on the main Evanced training calendarexternal link; opens in a new window that you can sign up for.

Summer Reader

For details on how to apply your Summer Reader themes (banners), visit Evanced's Knowledge Baseexternal link opens in a new window.

Summer Reader Training

We recommend public library staff and public library system staff involved with the summer reading program, as well as IT staff at public libraries and public library systems, register for Evanced Summer Reader Training Sessions as needed.

To register for any ongoing Summer Reader Training Session, please go directly to the Evanced Training Calendarexternal link; opens in a new window.

New York State Classic Summer Reader Training Webinar Sessions

Links and schedule for the 2017 NY Classic Summer Reader instructional webinars:

Summer Reader Training Webinar Sessions for Users

For those using Summer Reader, these videos will help you get started:

After watching these videos, you can sign up for a Q&A Training Webinar through the Evanced event calendarexternal link opens in a new window

New York State-Specific Information

Continuous Support from Evanced

Support is available from Evanced support staff 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EDT Monday through Friday. Access to all Evanced support materials, manual, FAQ’s, and recorded trainings are available 24/7/365. Evanced also offers ongoing unlimited free access to product training throughout the year.

For more information on the use of Summer Reader or Wandoo Reader visit the pages and sites listed below:

For more information on Summer Reading at New York Libraries, please contact Sharon Phillips, Library Development Specialist, Division of Library Development,  New York State Library, 518-486-4863.

Summer Reading at New York Libraries is funded through the Federal Library Services and Technology Act, with funds awarded to the New York State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services. The New York State Library is a program of the Office of Cultural Education in the New York State Education Department.

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