Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Program in New York State

January 2012 State Library Survey

The New York State Library conducted an online opinion survey of its programs and services in January 2012. Deputy Commissioner for Cultural Education and Acting State Librarian, Jeffrey W. Cannell, would like to thank everyone who completed the survey. Over 700 people responded. More than half the responses came from the public library community. Academic and special (19%) and school (10 %) libraries and library systems were also represented.

The two slides below show the value respondents attached to current programs and services, and new or heightened emphases identified by respondents for the future. The complete State Library Survey, January 2012 [.PDF, 291k pdf icon]

Q. If the State Library were to offer other programs or services that are not offered today (keeping in mind that this may involve tradeoffs with types of services offered today): In what new areas would you most like to receive support or assistance in the future from the State Library?

bar chart ranking future services; see text below for details

Sharing best practices 48%; Centralized e-book purchasing 47%; Use of new technology 46%; Training program for staff in assisting patrons with technology 44%; Increased bandwidth (broadband) for libraries 41%; Developing digital collections of New York State-specific materials 39%; Marketing and branding initiatives for New York’s libraries 38%; Centralized digitization of local newspapers or other resources 38%; Training programs for library trustees 36%; Early literacy programs 36%; Digital literacy training programs for patrons 36%; Delivery system 34%; Publication of library statistics, return on investment or other profiles of New York State libraries 29%; Local programs and exhibits from the State Library, Museum and Archives 29%; Programs for special populations 25%; Videoconferencing 25%; Centralized strategic planning for technology 21%; Recruiting skilled library staff from diverse backgrounds 18%; Centralized Integrated Library System and/or Discovery Tool 17%

Q. Please rank the top 5 services and programs of the State Library in order of importance to your library.

current value graphic showing percentages of various programs' use and value

The survey results will help to inform the development of the New York States new Five-Year Plan for federal Library Services and Technology Act funds as well as future decisions about strategic directions for the State Library and statewide library services and programs.

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