Central Book Aid / Central Library Development Aid


The following guidelines are intended to supplement Education Law 273.1 and the Commissioner's Regulations 90.4.The library system and the central library may use central library funds for the implementation of the program and priorities of the central library as described in the library system’s approved Five-Year Plan of Service.
  1. Annual budget applications submitted to the State Library for CLDA and CBA must be consistent with the central library’s long-range plan for use of central library funds and the library system’s approved Five-Year Plan of Service. Amendments or revisions of plans may be made as needed. State Library approval is required before revisions are implemented.
  2. Expenditures should strengthen services to the entire library system rather than services that are primarily for the central library’s local service area. State funds should be used to improve services to residents of the entire library system. Funds should not be used for branch library activities.
  3. In cooperative and federated library systems, a library system/central library committee makes program and expenditure recommendations to the library system. Such a committee advises the system and central library on the intra-system policy and guidelines for selection of CBA material and the budgeting for CLDA funds.
  4. Adult non-fiction and foreign-language print and non-print materials (including electronic resources) and equipment purchased with CLDA funds are to follow the regulations for purchase of materials with CBA funds per CR 90.4.
  5. CLDA funds are for the improvement of the central library’s function as a major reference, information, interlibrary loan and electronic resource in the system.
  6. CLDA funds may be used to support weekend and other extended hours of service at the central library’s main building. State aid for the Central Library program should not supplant local library responsibility for the central library’s minimum hours open.
  7. CLDA funds may be used for equipment, furnishings and minor remodeling in the central library’s main building.
Last Updated: February 8, 2018