Law and Social Sciences Documents

Federal Documents

Sources for legal research include:

  • congressional calendars and the Congressional Record
  • Federal bills, public laws, statutes and code
  • congressional hearings and reports
  • regulations promulgated by Federal departments and agencies
  • Federal court decisions and opinions and administrative rulings
  • presidential papers, proclamations and directives
  • treaties and international agreements.

Sources for social science research include:

  • agency bibliographies, GPO subject bibliographies and other lists of publications
  • agency research journals, newsletters and bulletins
  • agency planning, research and annual reports
  • agency-prepared handbooks, manuals and guides
  • census materials and agency statistics
  • area handbooks and fact books on foreign countries

New York State Documents

  • Constitutional Convention documents (proceedings, hearings, propositions, reports)
  • Legislative bills, Assembly and Senate documents and journals, commission and committee reports, appropriations and other budget information
  • Governors' public papers (annual messages to the Legislature, inaugural messages, executive orders, appointments) and executive budgets
  • Executive agency annual reports and statistical and topical reports, histories of agencies, bulletins, newsletters, and periodicals
  • Decisions, opinions, and rulings of administrative agencies.
Last Updated: April 10, 2009